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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Favorite Blogs

I mentioned that the reason I was inspired to create a blog was because of a few other blogs that I've enjoyed reading. Some of my favorites include...

  • Joel On Software - One of the best blog authors for software development on the web. Good information on software trends and the business of software.
  • Eric.Weblog() - Another great blog author and funny (in a self-deprecating way). He wrote the book Eric Sink on the Business of Software (essentially a collection of essays from his blog).
  • Scobleizer - Lots of posts, but the information is often interesting and timely (it's nice to know what's going on outside my little beige, padded box).
  • Mini-Microsoft - An anonymous Microsoft insider rant. Lengthy and bitchy posts, but interesting in a car wreck sort of way :).
  • Channel 9 - A great inside look at Microsoft's emerging technologies. It contains tons of video interviews with Microsoft employees showing off upcoming products.

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