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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blogging Schedule

Regular readers of my blog have probably noticed that my blogging schedule has been a bit erratic lately (not that I've ever stuck to a strict schedule :). Unfortunately I haven't had much free time lately.

I've started taking classes to obtain a certificate in usability from the University of Washington.  At work I recently gave a presentation at a user conference and I'm rewriting the UI framework that our company uses. And my family has taken up some time as well with football, birthdays, etc.

However, I do plan to keep my blog going and will try to fit some short posts into my schedule on occasion. Who knows, maybe someday my writing will improve enough where I have Jeff Atwood's (from Coding Horror) problems.

On another note, what types of articles would you like to see?

My most popular post is Data Binding Classes, Interfaces, and Attributes in Windows Forms 2.0. This post is even more popular than my main page. Perhaps I should write more articles focused on the .Net UI. This is my area of expertise. Perhaps I could write articles on design-time support for Visual Studio? I am certainly aware that this is an area that needs more documentation.

Of course I am also starting to focus more on usability at my work and I'm taking the certificate program. Perhaps I should write more articles that discuss this topic?

What about other topics? Business of software? Cool technology? Developer productivity? Others? I would love to hear from you and get your opinion!

I would especially like to hear from you if you read my blog in an RSS reader. I do not believe that the analytical software that I use (Google Analytics and StatCounter) tracks RSS feeds. So I have no idea if anybody is reading my blog through an RSS reader. Just a "Hi, I read your blog through an RSS feed" would do fine :).


Myron said...

I read your blog in my feedreader. I think the stuff I find most interesting is the stuff that is useful to me as a fellow .NET developer.

Brandon Wilhite said...

Hi, I read your blog through Google Reader. Write about it all! :-)wzk