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Monday, July 16, 2007

SlickRun Review

Summertime has really effected my blogging schedule. I've been spending my freetime working on a website for my neighborhood and building a garden wall. I'm almost done with the wall, but we might end up extending it another 30 feet, so we'll see.

Just recently I've started using a tool called SlickRun. It's a very simple tool that is essentially just a textbox (no form, buttons, etc). It allows you to type in commands similar to the Run (Win+R) dialog built into Windows. The cool thing about SlickRun however, is that you can also add "MagicWords" to it so that you can perform more complex commands with a single word.

SlickRunConfig There are plenty of configuration options for SlickRun to get it to look and work the way you want (see the screenshot to the right). You can even setup SlickRun to run instead of the Windows Run dialog. This is a little tricky since you have to edit the config file (I'm not sure why this setting isn't in the SlickRun config dialog), but once you set it up, when you press Win+R you get SlickRun!

Instructions to setup SlickRun to handle Win+R in Vista
  1. Install SlickRun
  2. Open Windows Explorer (Win+E)
  3. Navigate to your profile directory (C:\Users\<MyUserName>\AppData\Roaming\SlickRun) - AppData is a hidden folder, however, you should be able to type in the path directly.
  4. Open the SlickRun.ini file in your favorite text editor
  5. Locate the GrabWinR setting and change the value to 1 (GrabWinR=1)
  6. Save the changes

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