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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Compiling Multiple Projects Without a Solution

I've posted a new article on Code Project. It is titled Compiling Multiple Projects Without a Solution. The article shows how to compile a multi-project application without using solution files (yes, it includes source code).

The code creates a MSBuild project file that will allow MSBuild to compile a list of VB.Net or C# projects in the correct order. The list can be loaded based on a root directory that contains .vbproj and/or .csproj files or a text file that can contain a combination of directories, project files, and/or other text files.


RogerLae said...

It's a great article about building large solution automatically and perhaps exactly what I'm looking for!
Unfortunally I miss cpp - Projects.
Whats about it?

Brian Brewder said...

I'm sure the code can be adapted to use whatever type of project you might have.

If the project file you use is similiar enough to VB.Net and C#, you should only have add the project type extension. I don't remember exactly where in the code, but it shouldn't be too hard to find, just search for vbproj.

If the format of the project file is very different, then you might need to modify the parsing of the project file.