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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Event-Based Asynchronous WebRequest

I've created my first Code Project article! I was looking for a place to upload some code so I could share it from my blog, but the only place that I could find was Code Project, of course that meant that I had to write an article too.

If you are interested in reading about using the WebRequest/WebResponse classes (including processing of the response stream) or implementing the Event-Based Asynchronous Pattern (the pattern used by the BackgroundWorker component), you can read my article at Event-Based Asynchronous WebRequest.

The article includes a project that contains a BackgroundWebRequest component that can be used to perform asynchronous web requests from a WinForm application.

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Myron said...

Nice article. I discovered the Event-Based Asynchronous Pattern when I was working with the BackgroundWorker component for the Asynchronous Data Loader I made. In fact, I think I stumbled across it the same way you did...I was using the Reflector to look at the BackgroundWorker's code. I never had time to really dig into the pattern since I was out the door and on the way to China...but I still thought it looked cool.

Anyhow, cool article. It's funny--I've code reviewed your code so many times that I definitely recognized the style of code in the article as yours.