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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Vote Smart

If you're planning to vote, you should check out Project Vote Smart. It's a great, non-partisan website that essentially aggregates a lot of information about politics, including voting records.

They also offer a survey that candidates can fill out (voluntary) that helps them define their position on many relevant issues (the survey is called NPAT - National Political Awareness Test). You can find out some very interesting (scary?) stuff about candidates positions.

The one thing I would love to see on the website is more community discussion. It would be interesting to be able to have an open debate about current issues, especially over legislation. We always hear about how important legislation is often hijacked to get unpopular (corrupt?) legislation passed. An open community discussion on this website would quickly show bad legislation for what it is and maybe start finding out some bad legislators.

Personally, I'm not too happy about Donald Young (R) the Alaskan representative and chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure committee.

``I'd be silly if I didn't take advantage of my chairmanship,'' Young said, according to the Anchorage Daily News. ``I think I did a pretty good job.'' Bloomberg, Sept 2nd, 2006

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Lauren said...

I just came across your blog post about Project Vote Smart. I noticed you were interested in PVS having more community discussion. I wanted to let you know that as of this past June 2007, we have a blog. It is at